About us

On 28th September 2015 in the city of Sofia, the Hemus 2015 National Library Association was registered in the Register of Sofia City Court pursuant to Article 595 ff. of the Code of Civil Procedure by virtue of an application filed pursuant to Articles 6, 17 and 18 of the Non-Profit-Making Legal Entities Act (Official Gazette, issue No. 81 dated: 6th October 2000).

The Association was founded to serve specific purposes – to develop and strengthen the spiritual values and the civic society on the basis of the principles of democratism. The main goals of the Association are to assist in the information development of library centers, public libraries and local communities by creating conditions for public access to the global information society and information technologies.  The Association contributes to achieving information, technological and communication equality between the libraries, between other cultural and spiritual centers and organizations in different geographical areas in the country and abroad. In conformity with our goals, we strive to preserve and disseminate written and digital literary sources with scientific and fiction content. We create conditions for an easy and quick access to scientific and cultural information, and this is exactly why we provide access to this digital library. Our goals, ideas and intellectual products contribute to enriching culture and science in the common European and global space. Our experience allows us to create good practices among our members, building a sense of European identity, based on common values and a sense of belonging to the European Union and its citizens.

The global idea of our organization is to protect, preserve and popularize the Bulgarian language and history together with the common European and global cultural and historical heritage and art. Our goals will stimulate the development of libraries as democratic and modern institutions, providing citizens with a quick access to education, information and culture. We encourage scientific and applied research activities in the field of library information sciences and library information services.  We intend to use innovative practices to enrich the funds of the library and modernize the services in a traditional and a digital environment through the implementation of contemporary information and communication technologies. We shall cooperate and exchange experience and information with foreign individuals and legal entities in support of education, science, culture, reinstatement and preservation of historical and cultural values, healthcare, sports and other areas of society.