Aims and purposes

One of our main goals is the digital library, already created here. It is only intended for reading. The materials in our library cannot be copied or reproduced in any way whatsoever. To that end we developed a unique programming product which protects each page from being saved by the user on their computer. The software product protects from unauthorized access to the content of the respective publication. Our task is to preserve the integrity of the publications and the security of the copyright. The encrypted access ensures the authenticity of every reader. Access to the library is strictly individual for every user. Furthermore, information from the website to the user is provided via an encrypted channel – through an SSL certificate. The digital library of the Hemus 2015 National Library Association is intended for and primarily focused on (1) increasing reading activity in the library section of the reading room system, in municipal and city libraries. The digital platform provides a detailed and comprehensive Digital Information Archiving Database of serial and periodical publications in an electronic form on specialized academic, scientific and educational topics, thematic publications in the fields of culture and art, and is intended for a large number of readers who are members of our digital library.

Secondly (2), the digital library is aimed at increasing reading activity and bringing together outside the borders of the Republic of Bulgaria, into a national, cultural, educational and information platform, Bulgarian citizens who are domiciled and reside abroad, citizens of non-Bulgarian origin or everyone with an Internet access and able to read Bulgarian. A large part of the publications will be available in two or even three languages, which allows for the library content to reach a large number of users via remote access to our system. Presented in this way, it will popularize Bulgarian publications. Throughout our digital platform activity of the Bulgarian science and culture will reach every library and their readers.

The idea for our platform was born out of the lack of a detailed and comprehensive Digital Information Archiving Database of serial and periodical publications in a standardized electronic form on specialized academic, scientific and educational topics and thematic publications from the fields of culture and art. Currently there is no such digital library in partnership with another similar structure in Bulgaria or abroad. Thanks to our cooperation with libraries, whether in libraries or municipal ones, it contains the above listed categories of thematic publications, as well as serial and periodical medical and architectural publications, specialized economic and legal publications, publications on topics such as society, household matters and family life, agricultural publications, etc.

The Internet contains a large number of specialized publications and media with their own well performed and developed web platforms, but access to most of them is limited or expensive, or the content of the publications is incomplete. For the majority of library members reading this kind of products is prohibitively expensive in the material world – that outside reading room and library structures.

This web portal, containing a Digital Information Archiving Database for remote access by individual, institutional and corporate end users, is only intended for reading through the Hemus 2015 National Library Association. All materials will be integrated into the system according to their publication frequency. The Digital Information Archiving Database system is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, regardless of what part of the world the reader is based in.