Institutional Members

Membership library club– Collective Users (Institutional Members)

Collective members include all government institutions, libraries,  academic organizations, museums, universities, laboratories and companies, situated inside or outside the borders of the Republic of Bulgaria.They can apply for membership library club of the Hemus 2015 National Library Association by sending an application form, addressed to: hemus@hemuspartners.com !

Three different club plans are available for your consideration. Each of them includes a number and a membership library club fee depending on the period of use of the digital database. Plan No. 1 allows you to use the library fund for one (1) month, plan No. 2 – for six (6) months, plan No. 3 – for one (1) year. The rates of each plan depends on how many physical users intend to enjoy privileges of Hemus 2015 NLA online library club. No membership fee is required from associated members. To register and find out what information you will be required to provide, please contact us at hemus@hemuspartners.com !

All library club members of the library of the Hemus 2015 NLA have to agree with the terms and conditions for its use. The digital library puts its own fund in its entirety at the disposal of its members 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, regardless of which part of the world the user is based in. The archive is renewed on a regular basis depending on the publication frequency of the relevant publications.

Every club member of the library is free to choose their membership plan. The membership fee is in Euro for users from Europe and the European Union, as well as for all other users from North America, South America, Asia and Africa. Please apply for your personal club member’s plan at hemuslibrary@hemuspartners.com !

For the convenience of library club members, the library club membership fee can be paid by credit or debit card soon as well as by PayPal or E-pay payment systems.